12 décembre 2007


Avoir la classe c'est être chic dans sa manière de faire les planches.
En l'occurence, résine teintée blanche, chipiron phantasmagorique, mousse mdi made in médoc, speed dialers faites main par John Cherry....
Si ça c'est pas de la classe....
Surtout quand on sait que c'est la planche de Totor Abitbol (6'2" x 21"1/4 x 2"7/8), le surfeur le plus classe du monde.

5 commentaires:

Kami a dit…

Bah mon gros, si avec ca il déchire par les vagues lando-medocaines O_O

C'est bôôôôô

Alexandro a dit…

Awesome ;) I love white tints


Mardo a dit…

Ouch! Je veux la même!!!

brownfish a dit…

I agree, the white tints with Black Pinlines look great. The only drawback with white tints is that over time (about 3-4 years), the gloss coat will start to brown a touch. You'll only notice it with a white tint, all others will hide the slight browning. I got a longboard with all white tint once thinking it would be easy to color match when doing ding repair, and also will stay white forever. Well, after about 3 years, I'd sand through the old Gloss to do a repair, then match and re-gloss. Except the repaired area would now be much whiter. Eventually I sanded off the whole gloss coat and sold the board as a sand finish. On another note, I Also dig that Octopus.

lob a dit…

I guess you're right about the brownish hue coming as times go by.
But Totor (owner) does not see colors that well and then we decided to go white.
Anyhow, white tints are rally chic ang get old better than white foams and clear resin.

About the octopus, it's a "Chipiron".
Well, chipiron is the name given to those animals in the south west of France and they are a fantastic choice for a meal ;)

If you ever happen to come around at the right time of the year, remind ma and we'll have a chipiron party.